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What Do We Require To Perform?

Light and Sound: We will provide the light and sound equipment for small to medium size venues. However, for large outdoor venues or big halls, the band may require a larger sound system and additional lighting than what we can typically provide. In this case, we will hire a live event production company to provide the sound and light gear required for larger venues. The cost will be built into our price quote and be included in our entertainment agreement.

Electrical: The band requires access to AC power within 25 feet of the stage or performance area with a minimum of two outlets that provide at least 20 amp electrical service wired to separate breakers.

Stage: We do not provide staging of our own but are happy to rent one on behalf of our client if required. The cost will be included in our price quote and performance agreement. For indoor venues, a small stage or riser should be provided to give a more professional appearance for your guests and a solid platform for the band. For outdoor venues, we can perform on ground level when a stage or riser is unavailable as long as the surface is hard and level and covered with some type of permanent of removable flooring .

Our preferred stage size is 12' x 16'. However, when space is limited, our absolute minimum stage size is 8' x 12'. For outdoor shows, we require overhead protection such as a covered stage, tent, or gazebo to protect us and our equipment from the weather. We highly recommend an aluminum truss system that can withstand windy conditions and can be adjusted to various heights strong enough to support lighting systems or suspended line array speakers. Although not required, we encourage the use of backdrops to add depth to your stage presentation and help differentiate your event.  We highly recommend a Modular Stage System consisting of 4" x 4' interlocking platforms and collapsible risers that can be combined to create customized stages in various heights and configurations. They are strong,  versatile and allow for easy and quick set ups.

Parking/Access: Convenient parking and easy access to the performance area is important during load-in/load-out as our equipment is heavy and fragile and it takes time to assemble. We ask that the client provide us with parking vouchers at hotels and venues that charge for parking.

Food/Beverage: It is customary to provide complimentary food and beverages for the band members and their support staff (sound engineer, etc.). This is greatly appreciated particularly for weddings or events that require travel and advance setup as the band spends a lot of of time traveling, loading in, performing, and tearing down without the ability to go out and grab a meal.

Tips: Gratuity is not required but is very much appreciated in the event we play for an extended period or you just want to show your appreciation for a job well done.

What type of events does Kat n Keys Trio perform at?

A: The Kat n Keys Trio performs at a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, private parties, and more.

Can I choose the type of music that the Kat n Keys Trio performs?

A: Yes, we are happy to tailor our performance to suit your taste and your event. Just let us know in advance what type of music you prefer, and we will make it happen.

Does the Kat n Keys Trio provide their own equipment?

A: Yes, we provide all of our own equipment, including sound systems and instruments. You don't have to worry about a thing!

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