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Why a sound check and technical rehearsal can make or break any performance

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It is critically important that a band allows ample time to perform a sound check before performing live. This will ensure that the mic and instrument levels and effects are set correctly on the mixing console for the room and that the FOH (front-of-the-house) audio is mixed properly for the audience and is set where it should be for the very first song.

On-stage sound known as foldback is the sound the performers hear through the monitor system. These levels and mixing console adjustments are also made during this time to prevent feedback and give the performers the on-stage audio mix they want to hear in their individual in-ear or floor monitors.

In addition, a short technical rehearsal of just a song or two is essential in order to validate and test that all sound reinforcement equipment, instruments, and cable connections are working properly. This allows you to troubleshoot and correct any problems that may arise before the show and to position speakers to properly cover the room. The sound check and technical rehearsal should be done well in advance of the show.

If done properly and efficiently, conducting a sound check and technical rehearsal can avoid problems during a live performance and ensure a high quality and professional sound for your audience.

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